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Here’s What You’ll Get

I swear

clothes multiply overnight in the hamper and closets

Sounds familiar? You only bought a few clothes for the children, and the drawers just suddenly became full. Obviously, the only reasonable answer is that kids clothing reproduces itself like crazy. Right? 

Are you, like me, a person who lacks any sort of magical ability to deal with this? Are also you seeking freedom from endless laundry, shopping, and the hassle in the mornings with kids clothes? What if I told you that you have more time than you think and there is a way to escape the madness – and save money too!

Hi, I’m Pauliina – mother of 2 and the founder of Vermét.​ And here’s why I created

a Capsule Wardrobe for kids

If you’re a parent like me, you probably don’t need me to tell you that kids can be quite the handful. We live in a super crazy busy time in our lives. As a working parent of two kids, my laundry used to be so overwhelming it was almost ridiculous; it was kind of a mess. Finally, I got 1000% sick of washing 300 different outfits every day because the kids had WAY too many clothes (most of which I was not a massive fan of). And not to mention the folding after the wash….

Then, I discovered the concept of a kids capsule wardrobe and it was game changer. I can honestly say this “mommy hack” changed my life. I do laundry once a week, and we always have enough clothes to wear.

I know you can hack the madness too. Just follow my lead and I will guide you through.

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Here’s What You’ll Get

At the risk of sounding downright evangelical...

In 2020 I had an epiphany. I needed to shift my mindset! What did I want to see more of in my life? To make time for that, I needed to start focusing my time and energy on the right things, PRIORITISING.

I figured if the kids only had a few articles of clothing to choose from, it would make my life a lot easier. That’s when I discovered it would be super easy if they had a capsule wardrobe – so that’s what I did. And I was right!

I started my kids capsule wardrobes about a year ago, and it’s still going strong. It has simplified my life and cut down on the piles of clothes in our house.

The best part? My kids get dressed faster, and I don’t have to worry about picking clothes for them every day. Thanks to our kids capsule wardrobes, no further questions or arguments. No more early mornings spent digging through clothes to find things that coordinate but don’t match (if you have more than one child, you know what I am talking about). 

The only thing I don’t know is why I didn’t start using a capsule wardrobe sooner!

Have you ever noticed how much clothes take up space in your life?

After putting up a capsule wardrobe, I noticed how having too many clothes causes clutter and takes up valuable real estate in the closet. When you cut down on the number of clothes you own, you start getting lots of benefits. The first and the most important is you will have fewer items to keep up with.

But also, for a child, a closet too full can be like loud visual noise that distracts and makes decisions hard when picking up clothes. That’s why I believe in capsule wardrobes- the idea that your wardrobe consists only of necessary basics. It is the most efficient way to handle space. It enables kids to use their power in the morning to decide what to wear, which is easier on you, and it helps kids learn executive functioning.

In short, a capsule wardrobe makes mornings more effortless and less stressful, saves money as you need to buy fewer items AND saves time as you will have less laundry to do!

A capsule wardrobe is a small, curated collection of clothes that are edited down to only the pieces you need, so they can be worn over and over

What is a capsule wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is a small, curated collection of clothes that are edited down to only the pieces you need, so they can be worn over and over

How does it work?

The idea behind capsule wardrobe is that if you have fewer clothing options to choose from in your closet, then getting dressed will take much less time and effort – which means a capsule wardrobe saves time, money, and energy!

Being curated by colour, style and items, a capsule wardrobe allows you to create and maintain consistent yet ever-changing clothing combinations for your children. By only buying what you need, you’ll be able to pick and choose which clothes you’ll buy and can avoid over-buying.

When is the best time to create a capsule for your kiddos?

There is no hard and fast rule on when it is suitable to create capsule wardrobes for your kids. We suggest the best time to start is during your kid’s most in-betweens: do it between seasons like fall or spring or between sizes. (This is a great time to clean out their drawers and see what clothes they really want to keep!). It really depends on what they need to access in their size, what they like to wear, what’s accessible for your budget and your lifestyle.

How to create a capsule wardrobe

When you are building your kid’s capsule wardrobe, there are some steps that we believe are in order to have a successful one. To help you get started, we compiled a printable planner with my tried-and-true formula for putting together a kids capsule wardrobe. AND we want to share it FREE for you! 

Through this process you will:

How do you create an organised and successful capsule wardrobe for your children? It sounds kind of a pain in the butt to put together one. The truth is that it’s not as hard as you think. Capsules don’t have one answer – it’s up to your family dynamic and lifestyle. AND it will save you time and money later on. Doesn’t it sound tempting? What would you do with all the free time you are left with?


Are you ready to create a capsule wardrobe for your kiddo?

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If you’re still hesitant

here’s a reminder of my 10 favourites how a capsule wardrobe can change life

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