Size guide

We take fit very serious here at Vermét.

Regarding children’s clothes, “the best-looking clothes in the world” are useless if the children aren’t comfortable. This is why we check the fit of clothing on multiple children and listen to their comments to make sure they pass the real test of everyday living. Most importantly, once we define a fit we love, we do not change it. We may run it in different fabrics, but you can be confident that the fit will be the same one you love each time.

Measure your child

Ask your child to lift their arms up to the side and measure where they are widest with a tape measure. The vital measurements are found in the below measurement chart. The measurements on the size chart are body measurements, not the dimensions of the garment. 

We have never wrestled a rabid raccoon on speed, but we have tried to take measurements from a four-year-old. So here is a tip to do it a bit different: if you already own a similar garment that fits nice, measure that and compare it with the product measurement guides provided on the individual product pages. All of those measurements are pre-wear and pre-wash. So, pls expect the garment to shrink minimally (around 5%) when the garment is washed.


how to measure your kid graphic vermet
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