HEY! The next-generation apparel manufacturing company, Vermét, is thrilled to introduce itself to the world!

We know that being a parent today is hard work—it’s not enough to just make sure your children are clothed and fed (though those are important things, too!). We want to help you ensure access to quality clothing that won’t break your bank or harm the environment.

Vermét is for the parents and children who dare to be different.

Our mission is to make sustainable clothing more accessible – and raise future generations to become conscious, active humans.

We do that together by creating the most sustainable apparel for children and disrupting how products are sold and made. Vermét uses a made-to-order business model to test future products with actual demand and minimise waste. We create limited edition, high-quality apparel in collaboration with you – through voting on favourite new designs and backing a pre-order campaign. The pre-order campaigns that reach the minimum production quantity will get produced. The process also helps us gather information about what designs you like best and what you actually need (the feedback we use to perfect the design of our future items). With this small batch production, we remove inventory and overproduction from the equation so that you can wear what you love without sacrificing quality or compromising your values.

We want to empower you to take action and make a change while still having fun! Together, we can build a better tomorrow for our children: by reducing overproduction and textile waste. At the same time, you discover the most thrilling experience.

“ I’m Pauliina – the founder of Vermét. I get thrilled about fabrics, functional design and new concepts. I have a strong background in designing children’s clothing, and I’ve spent 15 years designing sportswear for some of Europe’s leading brands. During these years, I became very aware that my work creates waste. When I became a mother, the impact of our activities on the environment became increasingly distressing. Eventually, awareness and anxiety turned into action. I wanted the world to change. Vermét was born with future children in mind.

The clothing industry needs a systemic change. Recycling alone is not the solution – it is the last resort. Vermét is a revolutionary children’s clothing concept that challenges the industry norms.

Pauliina Levo– mother of 2 and founder, CEO & Creative Director of Vermét

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